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Lent 2002

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Feelings under control ?

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Joseph's brothers had reason to feel aggrieved but channelled their hurt into revenge and that barely stopped short of murder. Joseph had even more reason to feel aggrieved but chose the path of forgiveness.


[15 mins.
This and all the following timings are for your guidance. You may tailor them or alter the sequence but beware of allowing prayer to get squeezed out.]

Share memories of times when you have unexpectedly received kindness or generosity.
At any of those times were you expecting rather different treatment?


[15 mins.]

Read Psalm 103 together.

Give God thanks for his grace - the love we do not deserve. Remain quiet for a time and then some might like to pray aloud.


[60 mins.

Summarise the story so far: the brothers have been discriminated against by their father and had their younger brother lording it over them. ]

  1. Read: Genesis 37:12 - 36
    Is there any way you can explain how the brothers grudge against Joseph could lead to their wanting at worst to murder him or at best to get rid of him?
  2. Is there any thing in mitigation that can be said about any of the brothers?
    [ Summarise the story of Joseph's dramatic rise to power. ]
  3. Read:Genesis 45:1 - 8
    Was Joseph magnanimous towards his brothers just because his dreams had literally come true and he could now lord it over them?
    What in his behaviour confirms or contradicts this?
  4. What examples of forgiveness can you remember from Jesus' life?
    Can you think of any other Bible characters who set us an example of forgiveness?
    [In the New Testament Stephen in Acts 7: 60 is a good example; in the Old Testament David never retaliated against Saul - see I Sam. 24]

More bible passages

Read at home to prepare for the group or to take things that interest you further.

  1. What are the consequences of failure to forgive?
    Have a look at Hebrews 12: 14 & 15 for some possibilities.
  2. Many Bible passages give us principles will help us to be able to forgive. Look specifically at Matthew 6: 9 - 15


[30 mins.]
  1. Pray for national or international situations where vengeance appears more important than forgiveness.
  2. Pray for hurt and disadvantaged groups or individuals within the local community.
  3. Pray for broken relationships among those you know.
  4. Pray for one another.
  5. Continue to plan some social and/or outreach event.

[If the notes for the next study are available then you may offer them to people this week. Alternatively you may inform people that the notes may be viewed and printed via the church web-site:]

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