St. Edmunds, Crickhowell
Lent 2002

Home Group Study 3

Work In Progress

Job under Control?

In every situation Joseph showed himself to be a hard-working and reliable employee. But in one work-place he had a disturbing encounter with sexual harassment.


Share with the group: the most satisfying piece of work you have ever done, the most boring, or the most ludicrous.


Read Ecclesiastes 3: 1 - 15 .

Thank God for the work that you do whether it is paid or unpaid, at home, at school or in factory, shop, or office, satisfying or well-paid or both or neither.


Joseph's employment record

Read Genesis 39:1 - 6a, Genesis 39:20b - 23and Genesis 41:33 - 50.

  1. Build up a CV for Joseph.
  2. What qualities does God expect us to show in the work we do?
  3. Clearly it was part of God's plan that Joseph should be dazzlingly succesful in every job he did.
    Sometimes we are rather less than dazzlingly succesful in what we do.
    Can God be in that too?

Joseph and Potiphar's wife

Read Genesis 39:6b - 20

  1. What were the issues at stake here?
  2. Could Joseph have handled it any other way?
  3. What advice would you give today to people caught up in this sort of situation ?
  4. Joseph was someone who could be trusted. How important is trust in our work situations today?

More bible passages

Read at home to prepare for the group or to take things that interest you further.


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