St. Edmund's, Crickhowell
Lent 2002

Home Group Study 4

Everything in balance

Spending and Saving under Control?

Leader's Copy
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Joseph's actions as Pharoah's Prime Minister show a prudent way of dealing with surplus. "Boom and Bust" is not part of God's economic policy.


[15 mins.
This and all the following timings are for your guidance. You may tailor them or alter the sequence but beware of allowing prayer to get squeezed out.]

If you received 100 you were not expecting would you:

  1. Put it into a savings account "for a rainy day"?
  2. Use it to pay off some of your overdraft?
  3. Buy something useful for the house?
  4. Have a romantic dinner with someone special?


[15 mins.]

Genesis 1: 20 - 31

Praise God for the abundant resources of his creation.


[60 mins.
The readings are quite short to allow them to be read aloud. It may, therefore, be necessary in this and subsequent studies to fill in some background.]
  1. Read Genesis 41: 25 - 36 and Genesis 42: 1 - 5
    If Jacob's family suffered from the famine then they must also have enjoyed the surplus.
  2. Read Genesis 47: 13 - 26
    Joseph brought the whole population of Egypt under Pharaoh's direct economic control.
    Did he exploit the weakness of others?
    What were his priorities? What should they have been?
  3. Consider the parable of the rich fool in Luke 12: 15 - 31.
  4. Is there any way in which our ecomomic policies at a personal & domestic level can make a difference at a national or international level?
    Is it worth bothering?
      [A copy of the Fairtrade Fortnight Action Pack will be available for you to stimulate discussion and ideas on this point.
    The Fairtrade website is at:
    Further information and resources from Christian Aid and the Trade Justice Movement]


[30 mins.]

[If the notes for the next study are available then you may offer them to people this week. Alternatively you may inform people that the notes may be viewed and printed via the church web-site:]

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