St. Edmund's, Crickhowell
Lent 2002

Home Group Study 5

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God is in Control

Joseph's life had so many twists and turns that it may have seemed to be out of control. But at the end it is obvious that God's planning was perfect and that even the setbacks were essential to achieve his purpose.


Share any personal stories you may have of God's guidance in your life.


Read Proverbs 3: 1 - 20

Praise God for his wisdom, mercy, and love.


  1. Joseph's character.

    Read Genesis 43:26 - 44Genesis 44:1 - 6 and  Genesis 45:1 - 4

  2. What do we learn of God's character through the whole story?

    Read Genesis 40:1 - 5Genesis 41:1 - 14 and  Genesis 45:4 - 7

  3. In what ways did God guide and direct Joseph throughout his life?
  4. In what ways does God guide and direct us today?

Further Thought

As Easter approaches try to take some time by yourself to think about the parallels between Joseph's story and the Easter story. They both start with rejection and mis-treatment - what else do they have in common?


Last updated 8/3/2002